Reduced C Zone Gong Target


The Reduced C Zone plate is a perfect size for all types of training.

The Reduced C Zone shape and size quickly became our MOST popular A-DAP Target System in our lineup. So we decided to release a plain version with no brackets or powder coat. This plate functions PERFECTLY with our 2X4 Gong Target Stand Kit or our Conduit Target Hanger Kit. Here are some basic specs of this plate:

  • 3/8″ AR550 (Hardox 550 material, ordered direct from mill in Sweden to our specs)
  • Fiber Laser Cut in our great state of Pennsylvania!
  • (2) 9/16″ square holes meant for either our gong hanger hooks OR 1/2″ Carriage bolts (if you are using your own straps)
  • One Year Plate Warranty, guaranteed against manufacturer defects and premature wear and tear (when used properly)
  • Rated for centerfire pistols at 10 yards, magnum pistol calibers at 25 yards, rifles at 100 yards minimum. MUST ADHERE TO 3,000 FPS MUZZLE VELOCITY LIMIT
  • *Note: Light Carbines (5.56/.223, 300 BLK, 5.45X39, etc.) may be used at closer distances if proper mounting and proper ammunition are used. Gongs (both 3/8″ and 1/2″ AR550) should never be used closer than 50 yards with these calibers. Put first rounds on target at 50 yards, inspect. If no damage is present, your current ammo/caliber/rifle combo is acceptable to use at 50 yards. If minor pitting occurs, increase distance or switch ammo. Distance ratings are determined with ammo that has a 3,000 FPS MUZZLE velocity. Faster ammo will require further distances.

If you are on the hunt for a cost effective plate that rings great and will stand up to years of training, this might be perfect for you!


Our primary focus has always been complete target systems.

As our company grows, we desire to impact all areas of the shooting world. The Reduced C Zone Gong Target is one example of this. While we often have focused on complete systems, we know that many of you prefer the versatility of gong targets on your ranges. Our 2X4 Gong Stand and Conduit Gong Stands fit that need perfectly. Cost effective, well designed, manufactured by our team here in PA, built to the EXACT quality standards as everything else we do. You won’t be disappointed with our gong plates or gong systems.

Reduced C Zone Gong Target is one of our most popular sizes.

The term “Reduced C Zone” comes from the competitive world. A “C Zone” target is approximately 12″w X 24″ tall. The reduced C Zone is 33% smaller and measures at 8″w X 16″ tall. Many people think these shapes and sizes are based on human shapes. This is incorrect. The C Zone shape and size has been adopted in many competitive roles. C Zones are simply a way to measure performance on a standardized target. While smaller, this plate shares the same overall shape of the C Zone.

Built for accountability and acoustic performance.

Smaller targets force accountability. This particular plate shines in this regard. Another benefit of the Reduced C Zone is the loud ring when struck. Traditional gongs have more of a
ping sound when struck. The Reduced C Zone rings loud and clear with each impact, just like a bell.

High-End materials, built for serious use.

Meticulously monitored, we curate only the best AR550 material on the planet for our gong targets. Many people think of gongs as cheap “throwaway” targets. We think that is nonsense. You are investing money in your targets, you should expect the best material for the job. When used properly with proper ammo, our gong plates will last a lifetime.

Need a great way to mount your gongs? Check out our 2X4 Gong hanger system and Conduit Gong Hanger System.

Material Hardox 550, Laser cut, CNC formed
Shape Reduced C Zone
Assembly required? Yes, some assembly required
Finish Uncoated / Not Painted
Hole Size 9/16″ Square Holes
Plate Thickness 3/8″
Bolt Size 1/2″ Carriage Bolts
Hardware Included? Yes, We include TWO Carriage Bolts and TWO nuts
Approximate Weight 12 Pounds


1.) Should I get gong targets or a complete target system, like your A-DAP System?

Answer: Largely this will depend on the training you want to do and your budget. The Budget will be the first discussion. If you just want good steel, a simple system, and something very inexpensive, we’d say the conduit kit with a gong or two is the move. You get the audible feedback and fun of steel, but your wallet isn’t too upset. Same steel quality, you still get to support what we do, but the price points are lower. If you are serious about training and NEED a portable and complete system, then the complete system makes the most sense. If you are high volume and close range shooting, our A-DAP system is better suited for the long run. It’s simply a more refined system. BUT, our gong systems are built to do work. Neither is a wrong answer. If you need help deciding, send us an email. Our team will help you walk through your needs and get the right system headed to you.

2.) Why is the A-DAP system close range rated and the Gongs are 50+ yards?

Answer: Our A-DAP system is PURPOSE built for close range shooting. The brackets, angle of plate, and base assembly allow for this close range shooting. The gongs have a slight forward lean, but nothing as aggressive as our Reduced C Zone and C Zone A-DAP systems. For this reason, we recommend 100 yards on our gong targets with rifles. If you are able to achieve a 38 degree forward lean with your own straps and our gongs, you could follow the distance recommendations of our Mini A-DAP target system in 3/8″ AR550.

3.) Where Are These Products Produced?

Answer: We produce everything in beautiful Pensilvania. We are also sticklers for quality and consistency. Therefore, we needed to keep our manufacturing under our wing. We make each product with love and care for serious use right here. Support US small business making products HERE!

4.) Does This Product Fall Under Prop. 65 Warnings?

Answer:Maybe. Just in case, be sure not to eat the paint or lick the target before or after you’ve shot it. If you are just curious, led tastes horrible and will probably cause mental damage. If you have done it once you are likely to do it again. Handle at your own risk, if you choose, you may wear an industry grade hazmat suit and gas mask with a HEPA filter and good luck charm on your wrist. For more information visit https://oehha.ca.gov/proposition-65

5.) Can I Download An Instruction Manual For This Product?

Answer: Yep! You can find all manuals for our products HERE.

6.) Does this gong include anything other than the gong itself?

Answer: When you purchase this plate separately we will send (2) Grade 8 carriage bolts and (2) nylon lock nuts. We don’t provide a way to hang your plate unless you purchase one of our gong hanger systems with your order.