November Pumpkin Challenge Drill

  • November 5, 2021
  • By Jared Daub


What is better than training with purpose? Doing that AND having the chance to win some free steel. For the month of November we have a drill called the #PumpkinDrill. We’ll take a chance to explain it all in this blog post. Don’t worry: it is simple and FREE to join in on the fun.


The Pumpkin Drill is extremely simple. All you need to do is download the FREE target HERE and print it full scale. The Target will look like this:

Instructions are written on the paper, but we will go over them in depth here. There really are only a few things to keep in mind:

1.) Staple this paper target downrange at exactly 5 yards (15 feet).

2.) This drill is performed with a handgun from a holster. (concealed or open, open holsters will add a .5 second time to the total time).

3.) You will need a quality shot timer. If you don’t have one, you can purchase one HERE.

4.) Load primary magazine with SIX rounds. Load secondary magazine with at least five rounds.

5.) On the buzzer, draw your pistol and fire 6 rounds into pumpkin #1. At this time, your pistol should be empty. Perform a reload and insert second mag.

6.) Shoot two rounds into the pumpkin #2. Fire 3 rounds into pumpkin number 3 (the smallest pumpkin).

Do this sequence as fast as you safely can.


1.) Drill must be done at 5 yards.

2.) Drawing from an outside the waistband holster adds .5 seconds to the total time.

3.) There are no makeups. Fire ONLY the required 11 rounds.

4.) Misses are rounds that do NOT touch ANY of the black outlines of the pumpkins

5.) Each miss adds .5 seconds PER miss


To enter into the contest:

On INSTAGRAM, post your FULL, uncut run of this drill. It must show the clean target before, and hits after. You must show the shot timer score. Post your full, uncut video to your instagram page and tag @tatargets AND @tatargets_tribe. Use hashtags: #tatargets #TATribe #PumpkinDrill. That is all you need to do to enter!

So what can you win, you might ask?

The first 10 people to beat my iron sight time of 9.91 will win free patches.

The first 10 people to beat my red dot time of 8.53 will win free patches.

The fastest iron sight time will win a FREE 1/2″ Mini A-DAP system with standard top bracket and 20″ base (seen HERE) and a Flagged T Shirt.

The fastest red dot time will win a FREE 1/2″ Mini A-DAP system and a Flagged Shirt.

In other words, if you have an iron sighted pistol AND a red dot sighted pistol, post BOTH runs! We will note, however, one person cannot win both challenges. You must post your run BY 11/21/2021 at 11:59pm EASTERN to be considered entered. Posts after that time will not be considered. We will base your time off your first post. we encourage re-runs to spread the word, but your first posted time is your entry time. If multiple people have exactly the same time, we will randomly choose the winner. Our decision is final, no cash exchange or other prize options.

We wanted to do this to encourage training and community building. This is simply a fun drill that is low round count and inexpensive. We hope you have fun with it and hope to see you posting your times! Good Luck!