2X4 Target Post (Set of SIX)

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2X4 Steel Target Post (Set of SIX)

Our A-DAP Systems require either a wood post or Armored Post to function properly. We finally have a solution for our customers. For years we have simply pointed people to big box stores like Lowes or Home Depot to get their boards. As our team had further discussions, we wanted to find a way to support one of our local lumber yards. So now instead of supporting massive corporations, you can buy boards from us and in turn support our local lumber jacks.

These boards measure approximately 1.5″ X 3.5″ and are cut to approximately 48″. This is high quality, dense wood. Much better than the Pine/SPF lumber at big stores. Please note: Since we are rough cutting these boards in bulk, dimensions WILL vary. Especially overall length slightly. Stock up, save the trip to a store, get focused on training.


2X4 Target Post (Set of SIX)

So you need some boards for your new target? You’ve landed in the land of timber. The 2X4 Target Post (Set of SIX) is purpose built to get you onto the range to focus more time on training, less time on supporting multi-billion dollar box stores that don’t care about our rights.

At the end of the day, this is wood.

Look, I’ll shoot straight with you: I need to type 300 words for SEO. Maybe 200 would do. Not sure. HOWEVER, we need to fill up this space, so I’ll be discussing the 2X4 boards, and why you should consider grabbing some.

Spend money where it matters.

For YEARS people asked where they should buy boards. We simply said “go to your local Home Depot, Lowes, or Lumber yard”. As we grew and had more conversations around posts (boring, yes I know), we concluded there was a better way. So we partnered up with our local lumber yard. This lumber processing plant is owned by a regular guy just like you and me. Not faceless person of a massive company. When you buy boards from us, you support this gentleman’s company, employees, and the surrounding economy here in PA. This is what we need to refocus on in our nation: put your dollars to work.

Less time and fuel getting wood, more time training.

The 2X4 post on your A-DAP system is a consumable item. Instead of firing up your vehicle and driving back and forth to the store, let us ship some wood to you. This saves you time and money in the long run. And, as stated previously, helps a small business owner. Pretty awesome. This set of six is PERFECT for our Deluxe Gong Target Stand as well. You need FIVE for that kit, this includes six. One extra for good measure!

Anyway, that was enough words to get a green ranking in SEO. Hope it helped!

It’s wood. Approximately 1.5″X3.5″ X 48″. Nuff said.