Breakdown Base Tool



The Breakdown Base Tool is a small item included with EACH base and hardware kit

This tool is a small, laser cut item that allows users to install and assemble their Breakdown Base in the event they don’t have hand tools with them on their range day.

The Breakdown Base Features:

  • Hex for 14mm / 7/16″ nuts (the lock nuts on each breakdown base)
  • a slot for tightening and loosening thumb screws
  • a 3/8″ drive square for 3/8″ ratchets (if you need more leverage)
  • A bottle opener to pop open your favorite energy drink on the range.

If you lost yours, grab another today. We don’t want to breaking a nail on your energy drinks, now do we?


Breakdown Base Tool

The Breakdown Base Tool is a small tool that we include with EACH BDB and the complete hardware kits for the BDB. This little guy is small enough to fit into your pocket and has everything you need for your base. Keep this little tool in your range bag in the event that you misplace the one that came with your base.

Packed with features in a tiny product

While this little guy may not be able to help you fend off attackers, it will help you train more efficiently. Which in turn helps you fend off attackers.

Features of this tool:

  • 14mm / 7/16″ hex opening for lock nuts
  • Slot for tightening and loosening thumb screws
  • 3/8″ square driver
  • Bottle opener for your favorite energy drink on the range

We know that most of you probably already have ample tools in your vehicle, but sometimes you’ll forget. If you keep this tool with your bases, you’ll always have a way to assemble and tear down your base. Plus, it just shows how prepared you truly are. Always ready and always training.

Grab one today to keep in your range kit to keep your bases up and running.


During the months of November and December our companies experience a massive increase in volume. Due to this increase in orders, longer lead times should be expected. Please contact us at info@tatargets.com if you have questions about this prior to ordering.