Lead Time on this product: 1 - 10 Business Days


Second Generation VTAR Popper Base

This base is a replacement that you can purchase in the event that your base has experienced significant damage during use. The bases are not armored/hardened steel, so if used improperly and impacted with rounds they can receive damage. If your base has damage, consider purchasing this replacement base today.

This base includes:

  • The bent center “spine”
  • (2) Laser cut and CNC formed legs
  • All necessary grade 8 carriage bolts
  • Lock nuts and washers
  • (2) 1/2″ Clevis pins with clips (rotation pin and limited pin locations)
  • (2) custom machined Stainless pins WITH E clips (one short pin to mount to target angles, one long pin for spring adjustment)
  • Spring
  • Adjuster screw & nut

Please note: This base does NOT include the bolts, nuts and washers OR the angles for the target plate itself. Purchase our maintenance kit separately if you need those components.



Our GEN 2 VTAR Base is an evolution of our original popper target base. The original (first gen) base was a welded construction. This resulted in a base that could not be maintained if a failure was experienced. It was also a heavier base vs the Gen 2 of today. The construction of the Gen 2 is intuitive and retains all the functions (and then some) of our original resetting poppers.

CNC laser cut, CNC formed, and powder coated.

This base is a FINISHED product. Meaning: we did not cut corners. It is designed to function with all shapes and sizes of our CURRENT VTAR target plates. The “spine” of the system allows adjustment of the spring tension, and the bolted design enables maintenance in the event that a stray bullet impacts a component it should have hit.

No welds to break, simpler design.

The new VTAR base (and the entire system) has ZERO welds. This results in a more elegant, more refined system. It’s not that we hate welding, we just value serviceability for our customers. Once a product is welded, that’s it. You won’t be getting it apart any time soon.

For customers looking for a complete VTAR system, find our VTAR target systems HERE.

Mount Type Base for the VTAR system
Steel Grade 3/16″ HRPO Steel
Assembly Fast, Tool-Less Assembly
Adjustable Lean? Yes
Method of MFG Laser Cut, CNC Press Brake Formed to Perfect Angles
Approximate Height 12″
Approximate Width 12″
Approximate Length 18″
Finish Powder Coated