Competition Plate Rack (The Phoenix)


Lead Time on this product: 4 - 6 Weeks Typical Approximate Lead Time
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Our Phoenix Plate rack is a remarkable piece of art. Much like the Phoenix from Greek mythology, who would rebirth from the ashes anew, our plate rack has been designed from the ground up to be unlike anything our customers have ever seen.

The Phoenix plate rack steel target is designed by people who value being able to quickly fix things in the field. This system is completely serviceable with basic hand tools. Every piece of the Phoenix plate rack can be replaced easily. This is vitally important, especially at higher volume ranges. These ranges cannot always keep a close eye on members, and mistakes happen. If a member does something crazy and damages a part of the plate rack, or the components have met their lifespan, the Phoenix can easily be serviced on site.

The Phoenix plate rack is built off an AR550 shield assembly with 6 AR550 paddles. The Shield assembly can be purchased in two different configurations: One that is more compact with a 15″ center to center paddle spacing, one that meet and Biannci specifications. Both versions feature 8″ diameter round paddles which meets USPSA specifications.  The Phoenix plate rack is extremely versatile in the competition world. The paddle spacing is 20″ on center and the paddles measure 8″ in diameter. We offer the Phoenix Plate Rack with an optional spring reset kit. This accessory is great for shooters looking to use their bolt action rifles at long distances. Nobody wants to have 600 yards of cable to reset the paddles. Grab the reset spring kit with your Phoenix and get to shooting those distance shots.

Welds are covered under our warranty and you should expect an extremely long service life from this system, even in high volume range conditions.



The Phoenix competition Plate rack is the rebirth of the modern plate rack. This is a completely new twist to plate racks, competition: Take notes.

Why should you consider the Phoenix Plate Rack over other competition Plate Racks? 

Simply put, the Phoenix was designed to last forever, but was also designed in a way that allows it to be serviced on site. Most plate racks are completely welded solid. This means if there is ever a failure, it is impossible for a regular person to service quickly on site. Our phoenix is bolted together in a way that allows complete user serviceability.

What Material is the Phoenix manufactured from?

The Phoenix paddles are manufactured from either 3/8″ or 1/2″ AR550 steel The front shield is manufactured from 3/8″ AR550 steel. You can choose which paddles will be best for your needs and you can also choose the optional spring kit. This spring kit is perfect for long distance shooting. We HIGHLY recommend adding the spring reset kit to your order.

  • Weight fully assembled is approximately 450 pounds. This unit ships on a 4’x10’ skid
  • Phoenix Plate rack ships fully assembled. Simply install the supports and bases and it is ready to go
  • (6) 8” Circle paddles standard (Meets USPSA specifications), other sizes and shapes are available for custom order. Inquire for quotes.
  • Larger version of the Phoenix: Paddles are spaced at 20” center to center to meet Bianchi Specifications
  • Smaller version of the Phoenix: Paddles are spaced at 15″ center to center to make a more compact, lighter system that still features all the value of the larger phoenix.
  • Overall Width of the plate rack is 9’-6” for the Bianchi spec rack
  • Overall width of the plate rack is 7′-6 for the shorter version, which is about 100 pounds lighter.
  • Posts are ¼” thick structural tube. These will withstand pistol impacts, but are not meant to withstand heavy rifle impacts.
  • Front shield and paddles are 3/8” AR500 steel. Other materials are available for an upcharge, inquire for a custom quote
  • (2) 26” round Large diameter bases create a very sturdy platform. Bases have holes for stakes if desired
  • Triple pulley cable system reduces reset weight significantly offering a smooth pull and reset
  • Spring arm returns the reset system automatically to battery
  • We also offer an optional auto reset spring and pin kit that automatically resets the paddles for long range rifle use
  • Paddle assemblies are removable for servicing. Much of the competition does not offer this and if something breaks, you are out of luck
  • Pistol rated at 10 yards. Light rifle rated (556, 300 blackout, 7.62×39) at 100 yards
  • Not intended for steel core or penetrator ammo

**PLEASE NOTE THIS ITEM REQUIRES FREIGHT SHIPPING. Place your order and we will contact you with a freight price. We have very competitive rates and can fit (2) complete racks per skid. Please put in the notes of your order if you need a liftgate or a residential/limited space delivery. The Phoenix Plate Racks are built to order due to shop space/production scheduling. For this reason expect 2-4 week lead time for Phoenix Plate Rack Systems.**

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Do we make a smaller version of this plate rack? Answer: Yes! We have TWO variations. The one we recommend most is the shorter of the two. The shorter version features a 15″ center to center paddle spacing. The larger meets Bianchi specifications at 20″ center to center paddles. If you are not using your plate rack for Bianchi competitions, the shorter version is about 24″ less length and about 100 pounds lighter. This is ideal for most situations. Need the larger rack? We can still produce the larger version and the only difference, besides the length, is the cost is a bit more due to more material/less efficiency in production.
  • Would we recommend the spring kit? Answer: If you shoot at distances further than 40 or 50 yards, absolutely. It is a BLAST with bolt guns. The spring kit works with BOTH variations of the Phoenix Plate Rack.
  • Will the Phoenix Require much maintenance? Answer: Not really. Keep an eye on the cable and pulleys. We recommend using a gel lubricant spray on the cable anywhere it drags or contacts metal. Make sure all nuts are remaining tight. Flip paddles if they start to bend. If paddles need replaced, they can be purchased on our individual parts section of the site.
  • Where are these products produced? Answer: We produce our products in Lancaster County PA. We oversee every step of the process, QC, production, packaging, and shipping. From start to finish, TA Targets is manufacturing high quality systems for hard use. Our owners own the machinery, facility, equipment, etc. We have invested heavily in newer specialty equipment to further streamline our processes and increase quality even further.
  • Is the Armor Plating on the targets US material? Answer: No. The “armor” we use for the strike plates (actual target impact plates) is made from a proprietary material that is manufactured in Sweden. this is the best material we have found in the world. We were largely dissatisfied with the QC of American made strike plates and had too many issues with quality control. Eventually we hope a US manufacturer creates a material that is as available and as stringent as our Swedish plate. For now, this is the best material to service our customers. US Manufactured AR500 and AR550 is used in areas that are NOT main strike plates. Some examples of this are the Rifle Dueling Tree Shields, Plate Rack Shields, Arachnid front shield and hostage brackets.
  • Where does the rest of the steel come from? Answer: Traditionally all other steel used in our systems is US origin. During the “covid pandemic” the supply chain has experienced extreme pressures. Under some circumstances some of our tube steel and angle had to be purchased from Canadian raw materials. We do our absolute best to minimize this, not because of quality concerns, but because we deeply desire to produce our products from US steel. We will not use Chinese steel plate, angles, or tubes. Rest assured.
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