Falling Tree Target

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U.S. PATENT #10,119,795

Revolutionary: Involving or causing a complete or dramatic change, radically new or innovative; outside or beyond established procedure, principles.


The Falling Tree is nothing short of revolutionary, and we are excited to offer this exclusive target to our customers! This target starts out like a Dueling Tree, but with a major twist. We started with our standard 20 inch diameter round base as the foundation, which we utilize on almost all of our systems. The front shield/upright is angled forward to dispel fragmentation and bullet energy towards the ground, and it protects the track in the rear from bullet impacts. On the back of the system we utilize a track that is CNC cut on a 360 degree laser that forms the pathway for the single paddle. The paddle not only swings left to right, but with each successful hit it drops one level of the track as well.

The 3/8” AR550 paddle is 6 inches in diameter and is inserted at the top of the track. There is a simple opening to insert the paddle, no tools are required to install or remove and the design of the track keeps the paddle from “jumping” out. Every successful hit rotates the paddle to the opposing side, and drops to the next level. There are eight (8) drops in total, creating a very dynamic target for everyone from the backyard shooter to the competitive marksman. The entire target stands approximately six (6) feet tall. This target is about 90 pounds assembled, including the base and the paddle. The vertical upright is easily managed by a single person, of course two people are recommended for setup for ease of installation.

The vertical upright/shield is made from 1/4″ AR500 steel to stand up to stray rifle impacts.

Utilizing the 360 degree CNC laser has allowed us to create a truly unique system that is predictable and reliable. We also have created a very streamlined process for fabrication, which equates to a very affordable target that is perfect for everyone’s range. We believe in radically changing the steel target industry and becoming the new standard for steel targets and systems. With every new target, every new revolutionary design, we move one step further to achieving that goal. The Falling Tree is just one more way we are setting ourselves apart from the rest.

Base Type 20″ Round Base
Steel Grade 3/8″ AR550 PAddle
Assembly Fast, Tool-Less Assembly
Adjustable Lean? No. Fixed upright position
Upright Construction CNC Laser Cut track, 1/4″ AR500 Deflector Shields
Approximate Height 72″
Paddle Width 6″
Uses Competition, Training, Transitions, Shooting and Moving
Finish Painted
  • Pistol Use (9mm, .40, .45) 10 yards minimum
  • Rifle Use: (Rifle Falling Tree ONLY): Up to .223/5.56 NATO & .300 Blackout 50 Yards Minimum
  • Deflector shield/upright is 1/4″ AR500 and is designed to handle occasional stray rifle rounds
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  1. Andrew

    A MUST HAVE!!!!

    The falling tree is a must have for any range. It’s made from the highest quality steel and is durable enough for many thousands of rounds. The motion of the falling plate really demands you manage recoil and stay on your sights. It functions both as a stand alone drill or can easily be incorporated into other drills to work those rapid target transitions. Since the plate spins and falls it will really push your shooting to a higher level. Buy one and you absolutely will not regret it!!!

  2. James

    Premium Quality Product!

    “I’ve only had time to shoot the falling tree once so far but the overall quality of the product is excellent. The fit and finish is high quality. This product is produced and assembled with a great attention to detail. Detail that I appreciate.

    I’ve already placed my second order for some A-DAP targets!”

  3. David Addorisio

    Fun and Challenging

    This is a very fun challenging target. The design is great. I’ve used it to race and also as a set up to include in various drills. It’s nice because it’s always changing direction and height.

  4. Andrew

    Great to change things up

    The falling tree works amazing, is tons of fun to shoot and has held up well so far. Paired with a shot timer it makes for a fun change up from the normal drills.

  5. Heather

    Pistol Falling Tree

    Great quality target. Purchased as a gift for my boyfriend and he loves it. I also got an additional paddle that makes it even more fun; we added it about half-way down, flipped to the opposite direction and it makes this even more challenging. The design is great and the quality steel and manufacturing is outstanding.

  6. Logan

    Quality and loads of fun!

    After much research on dueling trees and falling trees, I decided to give the TA Targets falling tree a try. It did not disappoint. Very well designed and it operates flawlessly. We bought two, so we can compete head to head on the range and everyone loves the competition and the thrill of moving the paddles until they hit the ground. Thanks for making such outstanding products!!

  7. Shawn

    Pistol falling tree target

    “Great practice target – great quality. 9mm and 45 acp works well with this target. Delivery was awsome showed up the next day!
    Bang – Ding !! Can beat shooting steel.”