VTAR Crossgrade Kit

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So you have an old VTAR Popper target plate. You caught a glimpse of our new sick basses which can get your target out of the mud and thought to yourself, “I’ve got to have that base!!!”

When you got it you probably realized you were all about that base, but no angles. That’s where the new VTAR crossgrade kit comes in. Now you are ready to perform the operation. Your VTAR Popper Gen 1 can now identify as a VTAR Popper Gen 2 with extra character. Congratulations on your new transition. This is one you won’t spend the rest of your life regretting.

Included in kit:

  • (one) laser cut and CNC formed left angle
  • (one) laser cut and CNC formed right angle
  • (4) 1/2″ Grade 8 carriage bolts
  • (4) 1/2″ Flat Washers
  • (4) 1/2″ Locking Washers

*NOTE: This kit does NOT include the base. Purchase the GEN 2 base HERE.


VTAR Crossgrade Kit

The VTAR Crossgrade Kit is a kit that includes a LEFT and RIGHT second generation VTAR angle. It also includes all necessary bolts, washers and nuts to bolt the angles onto the target plate. If you own a Gen 1 VTAR target plate, purchase this kit along with the Gen 2 base HERE. Once you receive this kit with your new base, simply remove the 3/4″ locking nuts from your current plate. Replace the hardware with the new bolts, install the angles, then the washers, then the nuts. Make sure the angles are nice and straight. Then follow the instructions for setting up your base (instructions included with purchase).

CNC Laser Cut, CNC Formed, And Powder Coated.

The angles are CNC laser cut and CNC formed to exacting standards. This means that they will install as they should and will work for many years to come.

No Welds To Break, Simpler Design.

The new VTAR base (and the entire system) has ZERO welds. This results in a more elegant, more refined system. It’s not that we hate welding, we just value serviceability for our customers. Once a product is welded, that’s it. You won’t be getting it apart any time soon.

For customers looking for a complete VTAR system, find our VTAR target systems HERE.

Included with this Kit:
  • (1) VTAR Left Angle
  • (1) VTAR Right Angle
  • (4) .5″ X 1.5″ 13 pitch Zinc Plated Grade 8 Carriage Bolts
  • (4) .5″ Flat Washers
  • (4) .5″ 13 pitch Nut
Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) Does this kit include everything I need to convert my Gen 1 VTAR to a Gen 2? Answer: No, this ONLY includes the necessary angles and hardware for the target plate. You would still need to purchase the Gen 2 VTAR base HERE. Once you install the angle kit to your Gen 1 VTAR target plate, it will no longer work with the Gen 1 base. You MUST use the Gen 2 base.

2.) How Do I install these angles onto my existing VTAR target plate? Answer: First, remove ALL 3/4″ Locking nuts from your existing target plate. Remove all hardware and discard existing hardware. Take the new hardware and make sure you have (4) Carriage bolts, (4) Locking nuts, and (4) flat washers. Install the carriage bolts first. Then install the washers (behind the angles), then install the locking nuts. While tightening make certain the angle are straight and square. Once tightened you are ready to install your target onto your Gen 2 Base.