Dueling Tree Steel Target


Lead Time on this product: Approximately 1 - 3 Weeks
Arguably the only TRULY Rifle Rated Dueling Tree on the market.

“The Other Guys” offer a Dueling tree with a mild/plain steel upright and call it “RiFlE RaTEd”. We call BS.

Dueling Tree targets are a serious investment. Don’t mess around with junk that misrepresents its actual capabilities. Invest in the best. Our Rifle Dueling Tree is designed with hard hitting rifle calibers in mind. It is manufactured to exacting tolerances and built to last a lifetime.

A few features of the Rifle Dueling Tree:
  • FULLY armored upright shields, gussets, and paddles
  • AR550 paddles (3/8″ and 1/2″ Available) for extreme use and durability
  • Breakdown Base WITH Extension for amazing stability and reliability
  • Elegant Powder Coat finish for lasting quality and minimal maintenance requirements
  • Locking paddles REFUSE to vacate the premises. (Some Dueling Trees identify as clay pigeon launchers)
  • Manufactured by Americans in Pennsylvania making good money.
  • Rimfire paddles are available separately if desired.
  • Forward lean for reliability and fragmentation deflection to the ground.

Invest in US manufacturing by purchasing our Rifle Rated Dueling Tree System. Need other Paddle options? Shop ALL Paddles HERE.

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Dueling Tree Steel Target

From the ground up this Dueling Tree steel target is far superior to other designs on the market. That isn’t just sales pitch material, we mean it. We knew that the market was filled with dueling trees made from mild steel with AR500 paddles, and we also knew shooters needed something more. This market was hungry for a Dueling Tree that could handle anything from center fire pistols to calibers like 308 winchester. We started with the goal to create just that and it landed us here, to our Rifle Dueling Tree.

What makes this steel target different from the rest?
  • Entirely Armored. There are NO exposed components on this Dueling Tree target that are mild steel.
  • Armored Gussets, shields and paddles. This equates to less wear and tear, longer life, less maintenance.
  • AR550 Paddles: The paddles are manufactured from our AR550 steel to exacting tolerances.
  • Includes our Breakdown Base AND Extension for extreme stability
  • Forward angle dispels fragmentation toward the ground
  • Each paddle locks into the gussets so it is impossible for them to jump out during use

If your Dueling Tree uses mild steel for the upright it is not Rifle Rated. Period. Read the specs section for a full rundown of the paddle options, caliber and distance ratings. 

Why make such a robust Dueling Tree?

We became extremely worn out by companies talking about their “rifle rated” Dueling Trees only to find out they are selling their customers Dueling Trees that have mild steel uprights. If the upright is mild steel, it is NOT rifle rated and it WILL be dangerous if used with carbines. Don’t take the risk. Other companies offer expensive “additional upgrades” to their Pistol Dueling Trees to make them “rifle rated”. We skipped all that nonsense and decided you deserved the best Dueling Tree on the market, no games, no gimmicks. Rifle Rated and built to last your lifetime.


  • Includes our Breakdown Base WITH extension for stability (MUST use the extension)
  • Easy setup, Easy Teardown
  • AR500 is the material for the entire upright. Armor anyone?
  • Available paddle upgrades make this the most versatile Dueling Tree on the market.
  • Entire System features a forward lean for fragmentation deflection to the ground
  • 3/8″ AR550 Paddles: Rated for Pistols at 10 yards, .223, 300 blackout, 7.62×39 at 50 yards
  • 1/2″ AR550 Paddles: Rated for 308 at 100 yards and further. Note: Smaller calibers will not rotate the 308 paddles. Minimum caliber recommendation is .243.
  • Also note that this system MUST be set up on leveled ground to remain the most stable.
  • Approximate weight of complete system varies depending on the base and paddle options chosen. Standard package weighs approximately 135 pounds assembled.
  • Ships in multiple boxes depending on options selected.
  • Bases and upright are not meant to be used as targets. Damage may occur if bases are intentionally shot.
  • Not intended for steel core or penetrator ammunition
  • *NOTE: Distance recommendations are determined with lead core, copper jacketed ammunition with a muzzle velocity of 3,000 FPS or less. Faster ammunition may require further distances to avoid possible dimpling of the plate.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which Paddles should I purchase?
  • Our recommendation for most shooters is to purchase our 3/8″ AR550 “Reduced” paddles. These paddles are rated for center fire pistols (like 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP) and are also rated for light carbines (556/223, 300 BLK, 7.62×39, 5.45×39). This is the most versatile paddle. Note: It will not work with 22LR as it is too heavy. If you shoot mostly bolt action rifles in heavier calibers, we would recommend also grabbing the 1/2″ AR550 308 paddles
When should I consider the 1/2″ AR550 308 paddles?
  • If you mostly shoot 308 or 6.5CM, these are the paddles for you
Will the 308 paddles work with pistols?
  • MAYBE. This completely depends on the caliber. 10mm? Probably. 115 Grain 9mm? Probably not. The 308 paddles are much heavier to work well with the added energy a 308 dishes out. For this reason, smaller calibers will struggle to turn them, even at closer distances
Can I use 308 on the 3/8″ AR550 reduced paddles?
  • Yes, at distances of 200 yards and further. Closer distance use is violent on the smaller paddles. They will take it for a long time, but it does introduce more wear and tear on the system.
Where are these products produced?
  • We produce our products in Lancaster County PA. We oversee every step of the process, QC, production, packaging, and shipping. From start to finish, TA Targets is manufacturing high quality systems for hard use. Our owners own the machinery, facility, equipment, etc. We have invested heavily in newer specialty equipment to further streamline our processes and increase quality even further.
Is the Armor Plating on the targets US material?
  • No. The “armor” we use for the strike plates (actual target impact plates) is made from a proprietary material that is manufactured in Sweden. this is the best material we have found in the world. We were largely dissatisfied with the QC of American made strike plates and had too many issues with quality control. Eventually we hope a US manufacturer creates a material that is as available and as stringent as our Swedish plate. For now, this is the best material to service our customers. US Manufactured AR500 and AR550 is used in areas that are NOT main strike plates. Some examples of this are the Rifle Dueling Tree Shields, Plate Rack Shields, Arachnid front shield and hostage brackets.
Where does the rest of the steel come from?
  • Traditionally all other steel used in our systems is US origin. During the “covid pandemic” the supply chain has experienced extreme pressures. Under some circumstances some of our tube steel and angle had to be purchased from Canadian raw materials. We do our absolute best to minimize this, not because of quality concerns, but because we deeply desire to produce our products from US steel. We will not use Chinese steel plate, angles, or tubes. Rest assured.
Does This Product Fall Under Prop. 65 Warnings?
  • Maybe. Just in case, be sure not to eat the paint or lick the target before or after you’ve shot it. If you are just curious, led tastes horrible and will probably cause mental damage. If you have done it once you are likely to do it again. Handle at your own risk, if you choose, you may wear an industry grade hazmat suit and gas mask with a HEPA filter and good luck charm on your wrist. For more information visit https://oehha.ca.gov/proposition-65