Reduced C Zone Popper Plate


Lead Time on this product: 1 - 10 Business Days
3/8″ AR550 Reduced C Zone VTAR Popper Plate

This is a Reduced C Zone Plate for our VTAR Popper system. This target plate is a modified reduced C Zone target plate. This is one of the best ringing popper plates that we offer on our website. This plate is assembled with our Gen 2 angles and is specifically designed for our Gen 2 VTAR base.

Here is what is included with this purchase:

  • (one) Reduced C Zone VTAR Popper plate, Powder Coated
  • (one) Laser Cut, CNC formed Left Angle, Powder Coated
  • (one) Laser Cut, CNC formed Right Angle, Powder Coated
  • (4) Grade 8 Carriage Bolts
  • (4) Flat Washers
  • (4) Locking Nuts

No other hardware or components are included. For a the FULL VTAR systems, shop HERE.


reduced C Zone popper plate

This reduced C Zone popper plate is designed specifically to work with our Gen 2 VTAR base (found HERE). If you own a Gen 2 VTAR popper base and you need a new plate, grab this one. This plate will bolt directly to your Gen 2 base. Several changes were made for the Gen 2 popper targets. We simplified the angles and instead of having FOUR angles bolted to each popper, we created an intuitive angle design. The mounting angles are Laser cut and CNC formed to exacting standards. This simplifies the manufacturing process and design and creates a more elegant system.

Included with this target plate:

The target plate itself is 3/8″ AR550 steel. Bolted to the back of the plate is a left and right angle. These angles attach to the Gen 2 VTAR base. Angles are bolted to the plate prior to leaving our facility. This means your target plate is ready to be mounted right out of the box. Get your base back into action fast with this replacement target plate.

One thing to note: This plate does NOT include any clevis pins or clips or springs. You can find our hardware kits for the VTAR system HERE.

Mount Type VTAR Base
Steel Grade 3/8″ AR550 Steel
Assembly Fast, Tool-Less Assembly
Adjustable Lean? Yes. VTAR Base offers adjustable lean screw
Brackets Mild Steel Angles, Laser cut
Approximate Height 16″ (shooting area, Overall area is larger)
Approximate Width 8″
Shape Reduced C Zone Plate
Finish Powder Coated

1.) How Much Does This System Weigh? Answer: This version of the VTAR Popper weighs approximately 37 pounds FULLY assembled. It will ship in a 24X12X6″ Double wall box. Some assembly will be required upon receipt.

2.) How Much Movement Can I Expect From This System? Answer: This really depends on the caliber and distance of use. Bolt action rifles in larger calibers will really rock the plate. Smaller handgun calibers will allow a smaller amount of movement. This will also vary based upon the amount of spring tension that is used. If you desire to NEVER have the system fall over, maximum spring tension may be used. Sometimes this is ideal at shooting clubs or any situation where our customers do not want movement and do not want to walk downrange. One thing to note, using the system in this manner CAN result in more wear and tear on the strike face. Movement is important to dissipate the energy of the bullet impacts.

3.) How Is The Limiter Pin Used? Answer: The limiter pin limits movement. The problem to overcome is smaller calibers cannot overcome harder spring tension. So rather than have multiple sets of springs that users need to change, we opted to have a limiter pin for smaller calibers. This pin limits the movement of the plate to a point where the lesser spring tension can still return the plate. It is a balance of spring tension and distance. Too far and the plate will not return as there isn’t enough spring tension. Too much tension and the plate will not move at all with lighter calibers. For lighter calibers, we recommend the limiter pin in the FRONT most position. In this position, use a weaker spring tension. For larger calibers, use the limiter pin in the rear most hole and add more spring tension. Adjust spring tension to your calibers, distance and shooting needs.

4.) Can I Increase Tension To Keep This Plate From Moving At All? Answer: Absolutely. Some ranges don’t want movement, they just want to make sure no member has to walk downrange. You can use these poppers like that if so desired.

5.) Are Poppers Available In 1/2″ AR550? Answer: Not at this time. 3/8″ AR550 is the perfect balance of cost and durability/strength for this system. It is designed for hard use, rest assured.

6.) What Material Is The Base Manufactured From? Answer:The base is plain mild steel. It is not intended to be shot or impacted by rounds. Always shoot VTAR poppers directly perpendicular to the target plate.

7.) Where Are These Products Produced? Answer:We produce our products in Lancaster County PA. We own every step of the process, QC, production, packaging, and shipping. From start to finish, TA Targets is manufacturing high quality systems for hard use. We have invested heavily in our processes and systems to create the most elegant, robust systems on the planet.

8.) Is The Armor Plating On The Targets US Material? Answer: No. The “armor” we use for the strike plates (actual target impact plates) is made from a proprietary material that is manufactured in Sweden. this is the best material we have found in the world. We were largely dissatisfied with the QC of American made strike plates and had too many issues with quality control. Eventually we hope a US manufacturer creates a material that is as available and as stringent as our Swedish plate. For now, this is the best material to service our customers. US Manufactured AR500 and AR550 is used in areas that are NOT main strike plates. Some examples of this are the Rifle Dueling Tree Shields, Plate Rack Shields, Arachnid front shield and hostage brackets.

9.) Where Does The Rest Of The Steel Come From? Answer: We source the remaining steel and raw materials In the US.

10.) Does This Product Fall Under Prop. 65 Warnings? Answer: Maybe. Just in case, be sure not to eat the paint or lick the target before or after you’ve shot it. If you are just curious, led tastes horrible and will probably cause mental damage. If you have done it once you are likely to do it again. Handle at your own risk, if you choose, you may wear an industry grade hazmat suit and gas mask with a HEPA filter and good luck charm on your wrist. For more information visit https://oehha.ca.gov/proposition-65