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Our bases use two thumb screws to keep tension against the post or upright of your steel target system. It is easy to lose these thumbscrews so we stock plenty for customers looking for replacements. This kit comes with (one) 1″ long thumb screw and (one) 1 1/2″ thumb screw. Stock up and keep some extras on hand for the future.

Replacing your thumb screws keeps your target base in action.


Thumb screws are an important part of your steel target system. The thumb screws keep tension on the post, which keeps everything stable. Just in case you lost them, we offer a replacement thumb screw kit.

Included in this hardware kit:

  • (one) 3/8″-16 X 1″ Thumb Screw
  • (one) 3/8″-16 X 1.5″ Thumb Screw

Please note:

The 1″ Thumb screw is for the SIDE of the base, the 1.5″ is for the REAR most tapped hole on the base.