1/2″ AR550 Reduced C Zone Plate


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The A-DAP target system was designed to be a potent and capable target system. Our focus was on extreme durability and portability in a package that offers more value than anything else on the market. Our opinion of course. But after thousands of customers are rocking our A-DAP system, the word has spread: TA Targets manufactures an elite level of steel target systems built for serious use.

You are looking at the Reduced C Zone target plate. If you need a full Reduced C Zone system (Our Mini A-DAP system), please click HERE. This target plate does not include mounts or bases when purchased separately.


The 1/2″ Reduced C Zone Target for the A-DAP system.

Our 1/2″ AR550 Reduced C Zone Plate is a reduced C Zone shape and size. It measures approximately 8″ wide and 16″ tall. It is designed to function with either our A-DAP Top Bracket or our A-DAP Armored Posts. The back side of the C Zone target plate features our CNC formed adjustable angles. The adjustable angles allow multiple angles of forward lean. On the most aggressive setting, users can position the target to an astounding 38 degrees of forward lean.

Forward Lean Dispels Fragmentation And Absorbs Bullet Energy.

Bullets fragment upon impact of our 1/2″ AR550 Reduced C Zone Plate. Having a forward lean AND movement does a few things for the system. First, it helps to absorb the impact of the incoming rounds. This is simply physics. Because forward lean and movement absorbs energy better, the system experiences a much longer life over fixed plates. Once the bullet impacts and fragments, the movement and lean deflect the fragmentation directly towards the ground. Because of the meticulously designed position of the plate over the base, fragmentation entirely misses the targets base. The 1/2″ AR550 Reduced C Zone Plate packs all these features into one amazing target plate.

AR550 Steel Is The MINIMUM For Our Products.

Our select grade of AR550 steel is the highest quality we have found on planet earth. Tested and produced to exacting specifications means more reliability, better consistency. Performance is so good, in fact, that the 1/2″ Reduced C Zone Target features a LIFETIME warranty. Buy once, cry NEVER. Spend more time focused on training, less time worrying about your target systems.

Incredible acoustic feedback, high levels of accountability.

Although small in size, the 1/2″ Reduced C Zone Target plate features an amazing ring. Shooters will be able to immediately determine successful hits. The small size also forces a high level of accountability in all shooting scenarios and drills.

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Mount Type A-DAP Gen 5 Top Bracket (Or Armored Post)
Steel Grade 1/2″ AR550 Steel
Assembly Fast, Tool-Less Assembly
Adjustable Lean? Yes. 3 Angles of Adjustment Available Standard
Brackets Laser Cut, CNC Press Brake Formed to Perfect Angles
Approximate Height 16″
Approximate Width 8″
Shape Reduced C Zone Shape
Finish Powder Coat Finish

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) Why do you emphasize AR550 steel so much?

Answer: AR500 steel is fine for low volume, long range shooting. It simply is not durable enough for our customer base. Our customers train with fighting weapons at engagement distances. These distances often are as close as 30 yards with rifles. The ONLY solution for this training style is our A-DAP system and 1/2″ AR550 Steel.

2.) What makes this steel so great?

Answer: For one, it has an EXTREMELY tight tolerance spec. In other words, lot to lot, each plate is nearly identical in hardness. This is crucial for consistency in performance. We track each heat and lot number and ensure that our customers are getting the most robust systems in the world. We trust the system and steel so much that we placed a lifetime warranty on our 1/2″ target plates.

3.) What does the warranty cover?

Answer: Under normal use with our recommended ammo types and distances, these targets are lifetime targets. If users follow all our recommendations and there is a failure, we simply replace the plate. We have a full disclosure of our warranty process at the bottom of our home page. It is rare that we replace products under warranty simply because failures are far and few between. That being said, you can rest assured that if there is a premature failure, we will get you squared away with a new plate fast.

4.) Which size should I get: Reduced C Zone or C Zone?

Answer: Our Mini A-DAP system (reduced C Zone) is our most popular target system to date. Some of this is due to the amazing price point and smaller size of the Reduced C Zone. The C Zone is a close runner up to the Mini A-DAP. It really all comes down to preference and objectives. The Mini A-DAP system is better for stressing accountability. The C Zone is great for drills where precision and small size of target isn’t the most critical or as shooters begin to push the distances further out. The C Zone rings louder than the Mini A-DAP, although both ring like bells.

5.) Can I use this target plate with other bases or mounts?

Answer: Technically you “can” do whatever you want. Although we HIGHLY recommend against it. Look, this isn’t a sales pitch: we designed our systems to work well together. From the positioning of the plates, to the lean angle, to the stability of our bases: It was all designed to work as a system. For that reason, we ONLY recommend using our target plates with our top brackets, posts, and bases.

6.) How close can I shoot at this target plate?

Answer: Pistols at 10 yards. Rifles up to 7.62X39 (ammo 3000 FPS muzzle OR less) 30 yards. Magnum calibers 100 yards+. Ammo must be copper jacket, lead core. Frangible is acceptable as well. Under no circumstances use steel core, penetrator, or armor defeating ammunition.

7.) Does This Product Fall Under Prop. 65 Warnings?

Answer: Maybe. Just in case, be sure not to eat the paint or lick the target before or after you’ve shot it. If you are just curious, led tastes horrible and will probably cause mental damage. If you have done it once you are likely to do it again. Handle at your own risk, if you choose, you may wear an industry grade hazmat suit and gas mask with a HEPA filter and good luck charm on your wrist. For more information visit https://oehha.ca.gov/proposition-65