Breakdown Base Extension


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Breakdown Base Extension

The Breakdown Base Extension is an accessory for our Breakdown Target Base. This extension can be bolted to the Breakdown base to add approximately 9.5″ in length to the front of the base and approximately 4″ overall width increase. This creates a VERY stable platform for larger target systems like our Rifle Dueling Tree, Falling Tree, and our Goliath target systems.

Please note: THIS IS THE EXTENSION ONLY. This product does NOT include a Breakdown Base. This Extension ships with TWO carriage bolts with washers and wing nuts. Use the FOUR bolts, nuts, and washers that are included with your current Breakdown Base for the remaining holes.

Finished with our signature Grey Beige Powder Coat.


Breakdown Base Extension

The Breakdown Base Extension is an optional accessory that can be added to your current Breakdown Target Base. This extension is a simple way to add even more stability to your current Breakdown Base. Simply bolt to your current Breakdown Base with carriage bolts, and you are ready to experience even more stability. Please note: This is the extension ONLY and does NOT include the Breakdown Base with this purchase.

Forward Thinking Design & Adaptable.

When we designed the Breakdown Base, we were committed to creating the most capable base we have ever offered. It is a forward thinking design for accessories like this extension. While the Breakdown Base is very stable on its own, there are times when a customer may want an even larger footprint. This is especially true when using our larger systems, like the Goliath or Rifle Dueling Tree. These larger systems exert more movement and load on the bases. It is for this reason that they require the extension. The Extension takes seconds to install or remove. No tools are necessary for install, maintenance, or removal.

Compatible with our Paper Holders

The Breakdown Base Extension is compatible with BOTH variants of our paper holders. The standard paper holders for USPSA target will mount on the top. The Extended Paper Holders would mount UNDER the base and extension to clear the sides.

Manufactured right here in the great state of Pennsylvania with care to exacting standards. Powder coated for durability and protection from the elements.

Breakdown Base Extension instruction manual.

Material Mild Steel, Laser cut, CNC formed
Diameter Approximately 24″ Long, 21″ Wide
Assembly required? Yes, some assembly required
Finish Powder Coat
Ring Construction Bolted components
Paper Holder Compatible? YES.
Paper Holder Attachment Bolted
Hardware Included? Yes.
Approximate Weight 22 Pounds

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1.) Do I need to purchase the BDB extension? Answer: For most of our systems and most of our customers, the answer is no. You don’t need the base extension if you have a very flat range or you mostly shoot our smaller sized target systems. If you DESIRE even more stability, you can add this extension to ANY of your current breakdown bases. The four front holes bolt into the same location as the paper holders on your Breakdown Base. We include TWO carriage bolts, TWO wing nuts, and TWO washers for the rear most holes. You will need to use the four 3/8″ carriage bolts that were included with your current breakdown base for the remaining holes. If you need more stability, you can even stake through the four stake holes on the extension, locking your target into the ground.

2.) Can I use paper holders while using the Breakdown Base Extension? Answer: Yes! You can place the standard paper holders (for USPSA targets) on the top of the extension and run your favorite cardboard targets while using the extension. You can also place our extended paper holders (for 24″+ wide targets) UNDER the breakdown base extension. The holes will line up and allow you to run BOTH variations. Even simultaneously if you’d like.