TA Targets Steel Body Armor

  • March 30, 2022
  • By Jared Daub
Steel Body Armor is the next generation of bullet deflecting protection.

The Next generation of high performance steel body armor brought to you by steel professionals today.

Welcome to the new age of UHPPMLCBR Steel Armor.

What makes our UHPPMLCBR armor so special and radically different than anything else before?

It is really quite simple: No snake oil here. We are a company built on the foundation of truth and honesty, so our commitment is honest practices and truth.

UHPPMLCBR Stands for “Ultra High Performance Polymerized Multi-Layer Coated Ballistically Reflective” Body Armor. It’s a mouthful, but it has meaning. If it sounds patented, that’s because it is.

You see, in the past, steel body armor hit a plateau. Ceramics, Composites and other materials like polymers and kevlar were combined into lighter weight plates that offered solid performance against ballistic threats. So why did steel armor hit a plateau? It wasn’t marketed hard enough. We are here to change that today.

The reality is: Nothing is bullet proof. In fact, there is serious science surrounding body armor and the method of which it captures or deflects rounds. One of the largest objections we have had against most level IV plates is in the inherent flaw they all feature: They ALL capture the rounds within the plate structure. The biggest reason this is a flaw: Captured rounds add to the overall weight of the carrier, thus inhibiting movement. Studies show that MOST casualties in combat were wearing body armor. Scientific data backs the reality that rounds captured inside their body armor ultimately led to their demise. We knew that the best action was a reaction: Fragmentation LEAVING the plate AND carrier, rather than being captured within the armor itself.

Comparative performance against other modern armor

Ballistically speaking, our new UHPPMLCBR plates fall outside of the NIJ ratings. There simply is not a level of testing that can currently depict the performance of these plates. For this reason, we have established an in house test procedure to determine our own performance findings. Some folks have asked about third party testing and our simple response: Trust us. This stuff performs good.

Launch Date and other Information:

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If you made it this far, and still believe we are launching steel body armor, congratulations! You are seriously committed to our brand and we have to say: APRIL FOOLS!

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