Vital Zone Target System

  • May 3, 2020
  • By tatargets

One thing remains true: We will never stop our pursuit of building high class steel target systems that actually provide REAL Training value to our customers.

Hop onto any website selling steel target systems. Now look at those systems closely. Critically analyze and ask yourself this question: “Do the targets I see right now actually offer training value? Are they simply gimmicky?” Many look like they belong at an amusement park or carnival and, to be frank, it’s because that’s where they belong.

Right now I want to say something: We don’t think it’s wrong to make novelty target systems. It’s important to have fun on the range while training. The difference is this: TA Targets believes we are led to a higher calling. Seeing the degradation of the belief in our second amendment rights drives us to help change the culture. We do this by offering REAL target systems that can be integrated into range training and they will actually help shooters see results.

You see, it’s possible to have a target system that is effective and fun at the same time. It is not possible to have a target system that is gimmicky and effective.

This is why you don’t see certain targets in our lineup. We are laser focused on creating systems that help people learn valuable skills that can be used to protect life. THIS is what the second amendment is about. It’s not about weekend plinking with friends, it is not about hunting. It is about remaining free in the face of adversity and being able to defend our people.

For this reason we are careful at crafting products. The Vital Zone Target system is no different. We have been testing and refining this system for nearly one year. We have teased the Vital Zone Target on our social pages for almost six months. We wanted to make 100% sure that this target system offers something different for people looking to defend life.

And boy is this beast packed with features. Let’s dig into it.

The Vital Zone Target replaces our old Zone Target. The old model required welding to the plate and featured smaller paddles. This system was popular but didn’t 100% align with some of our core aspects of the A-DAP system. We decided to ditch the old Zone and pursue something that was a familiar size, but offered a precision paddle to help shooters become better trained.

We noticed that, especially in LEO departments, trainers were specifically looking for C Zone target systems. This is the standard they were used to training to. For that reason, our C Zone A-DAP is EXTREMELY Popular in all circles. We wanted to take it one step further and be a part of helping people train to a higher standard.

The Vital Zone Target starts as a C Zone target. In the center we have cut out the A Zone. We created a very unique Laser Cut bracket that holds a paddle behind the A Zone opening in the main C Zone plate. This creates an immediate audible difference between edge hits and true A Zone hits. Shooters will know immediately when they are successfully landing shots on the A Zone. This means they are shooting at a familiar C Zone Shape and size, but are accountable for putting rounds on the A Zone Paddle. This is the goal: Training to higher standards.

The Vital Zone Target features an adjustable laser cut bracket that is the paddle holder and post mount combined. We used Grade 8 carriage bolts to bolt this bracket to the plate which means NO welding whatsoever. Strength and integrity remains, what is left is a truly innovative system. The Vital Zone AR550 Steel Target features the exact same top bracket as our A-DAP system which means this system works with any of our bases. It can also be used with our Armored Posts and Hostage Assemblies. This system falls perfectly in line with our A-DAP lineup and is the perfect blend of features for people looking to shoot C Zone plates but remain accountable for hits.

The Vital Zone Target is available now. Get yours and start training to higher standards today.