Israel VS. Palestine: Own a Rifle

  • November 2, 2023
  • By Jared Daub
Israel VS. Palestine: Own a Rifle

Israel VS. Palestine: Own a Rifle: Your favorite “influencer” has all the solutions… Either they are Hamas/Terrorist sympathizers, or they’re “Zionist Government Sympathizers”. Few people are vocally standing in the middle stating the simple truth: Citizens should own Rifles and Kit. Period. That’s where our company finds itself. In the cultural war that is raging, it is VERY difficult to EVER understand or know the ACTUAL truth. Half truths and manipulations are rampant. Because of this, it is critically important to audit our sources and opinions, and to remain objective as we build our stances. One thing EVERYONE should be able to walk away from this situation with: We need our citizenry armed with rifles and supplemental kit.

A Right Not Exercised is a Right Lost.

We have spent an immense amount of energy over the years preaching the message that firearm rights are human rights. In the 2015/2016 years, that was still a somewhat radical idea. Even folks in the “gun community” would sometimes push back on firearm rights being a guaranteed right. World events have shaped our understanding and importance of these human rights. Today, it’s not so taboo to state: ALL citizens of this nation ought to own a war fighting rifle and gear to support it. You disagree? Watch the videos of terrorists roaming the streets hunting other humans. If you want to be able to stop these threats immediately, own weapons of war and become well trained with them.

The Basic American Load out.

Inside this short blog, I simply wanted to encourage you all to think about what a standard load out can/should look like. I can always dive way deeper into this, but I want to keep this straightforward as I know many of our followers are just getting into firearms. If you still see yourself on the fence, unsure of the idea of you owning fighting gear, I would encourage you to put yourself in the shoes of the victims of terrorists. Imagine you are at home and suddenly men with rifles begin murdering your neighbors. Humans are capable of dastardly acts. Think about how YOU will defend those you love. Is your subcompact pistol enough?

A Basic American load out should consist of the following pieces of gear. Keep in mind, this is simply my opinion and I’m just some normal guy. If you disagree, cool. I still like you (probably).

1.) A Fighting Pistol

2.) A Fighting Rifle

3.) Outside the Waistband Holster & Inside Waistband Holster (& OWB magazines for pistol and rifle, Heavy duty belt)

4.) Chest Rig (Or Plate Carrier or Both if budget allows)

5.) Backpack for discreet carry

Fighting Pistol
A Fighting Pistol, like a Glock 19 with a red dot, is a must.
Fighting Pistols.

You hate Glocks, and that’s ok. Buy something with Glock’s reputation. Something that has seen modern fighting and modern fighting conditions. Your subcompact is nice for CCW, but I want to see every American equipped with a pistol that is larger, holds more bullets, and has a red dot on it. We make many excuses about carrying larger handguns, but I think there is value in carrying a big gun with lots of bullets. Train well with this pistol, build a solid foundation.

Fighting Rifles.

We all have a buddy who has 17 PSA rifles that all are missing slings, have random optics that aren’t zeroed, and none of them have weapon lights. A Fighting rifle should be reliable and accurate and capable of operation in harsh environments. A Fighting rifle should be compact enough to fit into your daily life. I carry a rifle EVERY single day. That is not a joke. I have shaped my life, my rifles, and my bags to be able to do that well. You should too. The most common fighting rifle will be a 16″ AR15. I think that is a solid option. Have a quality optic, one with a proven track record. Get a potent weapon light. Have a sling! Your rifle should be built out to work well in YOUR environment. My environment on a day-to-day basis involves a lot of urban/suburban settings. I’m often in areas that aren’t super gun friendly. I want to blend in. So I carry a 5″ 300BLK or a 7.5″ 300 BLK most days. If I’m in the countryside, or driving far, often I have a 16″ 556.

Holsters and belt load out.

A quality holster is critically important. Americans should have the ability to conceal pistols AND carry them openly. I’d focus energy first on the concealed aspect and train on that. Then build into your OWB setup and train with that. The skills translate over from either spectrum. Put bullets into targets, assess, learn, implement. But ALWAYS carry your blaster.

Trex Arms Chest Rig
TREX Arms Quad Flap Chest Rig Shown.
Chest Rigs and Plate Carriers.

Having a rifle is nice. Being able to support that rifle is critical. A Chest rig or plate carrier will allow you to do that. If a plate carrier or chest rig is out of your budget, and you already have a quality bag, consider grabbing some shingles/accessories from our other company, Arkayne Co, and load your bag with spare mags. You aren’t trying to be a soldier. You are setting your gear up for the best chance to have what you need when you need it. Chest rigs are light, fold up into compact spaces, and are very versatile. Plate carriers can obviously carry armor and offer protection, but are harder to store, less discreet in your vehicle, and are heavier. Again, situation dictates your choice, and a backpack would work fine for many people, especially if you are trying to be extremely discreet.

Backpacks for blasters.

Keeping a low profile is important. Having a quality bag that can allow you to carry a rifle anywhere is important as well. You can walk into most places with a compact, folded rifle without raising a single eyebrow with a discreet bag. I mentioned earlier that my daily carry is often a 5″ 300 BLk. The bag I fit it into is a Transit Sling from Vertx (Get yours at Arkayne Co). Nobody is the wiser, yet I have a potent rifle on tap just in case. It’s light, small, and discreet. Obviously that compact rifle is not my go to in wide open wooded terrain. In urban settings it shines and affords me more accuracy, greater ammo capacity, and better ballistics than my Glock 19.

Summarizing the concept.

I am not trying to scare you into buying tons of gear you don’t need. Don’t make decisions out of fear. Think logically about YOUR situation and what scenarios you might face. Then act accordingly. These are simply some pieces of kit that I personally feel EVERY American should own and train with. Training is the most critical part of this equation. You might have all the gear I listed above, but you’ve never sprinted in your kit. Maybe you never jumped into your vehicle with your load out. Maybe you’ve never even put more than 100 rounds through your rifle. If that is you, you need to focus in on your training. Stop buying that 20th rifle. Invest FIRST in your training. Sell the other rifles and pistols you don’t need to fund it if you have to. I’m not against collecting guns, but Don’t do that if you suck. If your skills suck, do us all a favor and get to work. We NEED you equipped and ready. Your community needs you.

Take this seriously and invest in your skills. Prioritize your tasks, commit the time and resources, and get to work.

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Now get to work. It’s your duty to be a prepared citizen.

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