Steel Targets for All Modern Arms

  • October 13, 2020
  • By tatargets

“Steel Targets for All Modern Arms”. If you have been around our company, our social media, or our packaging for any amount of time, you have probably seen this sticker. What does it mean? Why is it significant?

To answer that question, we have to step back a little bit in time and look at what steel targets WERE and where we are heading with them now. Years ago steel targets were largely used for plinking and novelty use. Sure, there were competitions using the targets, but for the most part there really was no driving force to using steel targets for legitimate training. As steel targets became safer and more popular people started recognizing the benefits of using steel targets, but nobody truly innovated steel targets and brought them into the future.

Our slogan exists for a specific reason: We want people to be armed with MODERN military grade weapons, to be training daily on modern targets with firearms they need to defend life and freedom. Our nation needs normal citizens possessing fighting rifles and pistols and training to higher standards than the average gun owner. Just like modern firearms and their changes throughout the generations, steel targets must change and adapt to newer platforms, filling roles that the targets of old simply cannot fill.

Modern Targets are target systems built to handle the rigorous use of the modern gunfighter. We have had generations of “plinkers”, and there’s nothing inherently wrong about plinking. With that being said, the downside of this “plinking” generation is a lack of a true understanding of what the second amendment and the inherent right to own firearms means. Many people look at firearms ownership as a hobby, a luxury, not an inherent right.

Our mission is to showcase modern platforms that are readily available and in use by law enforcement, military units, and the everyday citizen to defend themselves, their homes, properties, and their communities from evil. Sure, you’ll see us shooting a bolt gun or two here and there, but largely our mission is to empower individuals to purchase, outfit, and train with modern fighting platforms. We want to develop a nation of honorable men and women who have the training and capacity to fend evil off at a moments notice.

Does that mean we are “against” any certain platform? Nope. In fact, our team is fascinated by all weapons platforms. We simply focus MORE on the modern platforms in use for largely defensive roles. The mission of arming and equipping a generation who understand what the natural right to self defense is starts by taking a different route. We won’t baby step and tip toe around this topic like the NRA does. We believe each of you has the right to own whatever modern weapon you think will be best to defend your own. Yes, that includes select fire. We’ll jump down that road soon…stay tuned for more info there. No human has the right to restrict the arms a free man possesses.

Our commitment is normalizing modern weapons, platforms, accessories, suppressors, action styles to do our part to further our freedoms for coming generations.

The fight to expand freedoms begins with the right language. We don’t neuter what we are saying: No “modern sporting rifles here”. There’s nothing “sporting” about defending your life. Military grade weapons (or higher) in the hands of citizens: This is the mission. We will continue to boldly advocate for the advancement of freedom and equipping citizens with Modern Steel Targets.