2023 Pumpkin Shooting Drill Challenge

  • November 8, 2023
  • By Jared Daub
  2023 Pumpkin Shooting Drill Challenge

The 2023 Pumpkin Shooting Drill Challenge is a fun, engaging way for us to train with all of you. This shooting drill is simple in execution, but works many of the pistol fundamentals. If we are being honest, we all need to constantly work on these fundamentals.

Download the Pumpkin Drill HERE.

Process to complete the drill:

To start, you will need three magazines. Load the first mag with TWO rounds. This mag will be in your gun and your gun should have ONE round chambered. The remaining two magazines should be fully loaded. Here is the process:

  • Draw from your holster on the buzzer and fire THREE rounds into the Pumpkin marked “1”.
  • Your slide should lock back on the first empty mag, insert new mag, drop the slide, engage SIX rounds on the largest pumpkin marked “2”.
  • Perform a tac-reload (drop the partially empty mag, insert a NEW fully loaded mag) and fire THREE rounds on the smallest pumpkin marked “3”
  • Take note of your time.
  • Holster your pistol as the drill is now completed.
Scoring the Pumpkin Drill:


Scoring is VERY simple. Each successful hit on target is worth FIVE (5) points. Maximum points are 60 points with 100% accuracy. Rounds that BREAK the line at all are counted as HITS. Total your score and then write down your score in the score section of the paper. Next, take your time and write your time down. You now need to calculate your HIT FACTOR.

Calculating your Hit Factor:

Hit factor is a way of measuring how many points you scored per second. Hit factor is great because it ties SPEED and ACCURACY together. To calculate your hit factor, take the POINTS and DIVIDE them by the TIME. For example: If you have 100% accuracy and it took you 6 seconds to perform the drill, you would do: 60/6 = 10 Hit Factor. This means you scored 10 points for every 1 second you shot.

How to Enter the Contest:

Post your FULL video run on instagram and tag @tatargets & @tatargets_tribe on the post. We ENCOURAGE you to collaborate with the @tatargets_tribe account. Please also use #tatargets #tatargetstribe #pumpkindrill2 in your post. MUST be following @tatargets_Tribe instagram page. The contest is open through 11/30/2023 and ends at 11:59pm EST. After that time, we will select the BEST HIT FACTOR from the entries.

A few things to consider:

We reserve the right to select the winner, and our decision is non-negotiable and FINAL. We will have full right to determine the prize for the winner. Winner MUST reside in the United States of America. There will be NO cash prizes OR prize substitutions. Our selection is FINAL. It is possible that we will not see your run, in which case your run might not be considered for the prize. Follow ALL instructions above for entry. Missing ANY of the steps will result in disqualification. Good luck & Train hard!