Magpul Defiant Eyewear


Magpul Defiant Eyewear

Your eyeballs are extremely valuable. Protect them. Seriously. We see FAR too many people shooting without protective eye wear. Don’t be one of them! The Magpul Defiant Eye wear is elegant, strong and priced right. Don’t skip on protecting your eyes. We rock these glasses, you should too. Here are some basic details:

  • High quality, crystal clear lenses.
  • Extremely strong frames designed for comfort even with ear protection on.
  • Z87+ ballistic protection and tested to MIL-PRF-32432
  • Multiple variations available


Magpul Defiant Eyewear

Magpul Defiant Eyewear excels at being amazingly comfortable, affordable, and capable of high performance and protection. Sacrifice nothing, protect everything.

Elegant and ready to defend.

The Defiant excels at providing extreme impact protection without sacrificing comfort. It gives you Z87+ ballistic protection and has been tested to MIL-PRF-32432 ballistic standards. Its lens shape accommodates both large and medium faces without sacrificing peripheral vision or protection coverage. The unique lens and frame interface enhances the lens’ ability to flex when worn, optimizing user fit. Its 7-base curvature is purpose-built for optimal clarity and light transmission. Critical touch points such as the rubber overmolded temple pads and the soft rubber nose pads keep the Defiant comfortable and in place, even when you’re covered in perspiration or on the move. The Defiant’s temples are specifically designed to eliminate pressure points while wearing over-the-ear hearing protection and integrate seamlessly with helmets or headwear.

Replaceable Lenses = lasting performance.

The robust frames are designed to allow a quick replacement of your lenses if damage ever occurs. The forward thinking design has been sculpted with shooters in mind. To further protect your investment, each pair of glasses ships with a Magpul DAKA hard case. Wear them hard, then store them safely until the next range day.

Never shoot without eye protection!

Whether you are shooting steel targets or just simply using cardboard, ALWAYS wear eye protection! Your eyes are not worth the gamble. Magpul has made it simple to get an elegant pair of glasses that protects your eye balls. You only get ONE set of eyes! Don’t take that for granted. Invest in high quality glasses that allow you to see clearly and protect you at the same time.

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Origin Manufactured in Taiwan
Ratings Z87+  and has been tested to MIL-PRF-32432
Replaceable Lenses Yes, lenses can easily be replaced
Polarized? Polarized options are available (see options)


Frequently Asked Questions:
1.) What makes the Magpul Defiant Glasses so special?

Answer: We have been running these glasses for a long time. For years we spent less and bought “cheap” safety glasses, only to find the clarity and durability was not there. The defiant series feature clarity of lenses that are second to none. They are also EXTREMELY light and durable. The design fits your face comfortably, even when running over the ear protection. These are premium safety glasses meant to keep your eyeballs safe.

2.) Are the Magpul Defiant Glasses suitable for use under nods?

Answer: The clear lenses are so clear that they can be run under nods with ease. Cheap clear glasses have some level of distortion that affects your ability to run them under nods. Cheap glasses are also often too bulky to be run behind nods. Remember: Just because you have bino’s on your face, doesn’t mean you can skip on the safety glasses.

3.) Why are safety glasses so important?

Answer: Because your eyeballs matter! You only get one set. Shooting without safety glasses of some kind is honestly reckless. Be better than that and invest in protection for your squishy balls in your face.