Choosing the Correct Ammo For Targets

  • August 10, 2018
  • By tatargets

Ammo choice is one of the most critical components to consider after you have purchased one of our steel target systems. It’s pretty standard that steel core, armor piercing or other penetrator ammunition is not acceptable for use on steel targets, but what about ammo that is blisteringly fast? Did you know that ammunition well over 3,000 FPS, even if it is not armor piercing or penetrator ammo can cause harm to targets?

The key is velocity. Small, fast bullets have a higher chance to damage steel plates than, say, a .308. Many people mistakenly believe that larger bore rifles have a higher potential to damage steel, although this is not necessarily the case. Often times some of the hardest ammo on steel are calibers like .223/5.56 NATO and other calibers that have tiny bullets that are going really fast. These calibers can cause craters on the steel faster than many of their bigger bore brothers.

In the YouTube video below I briefly discuss ammo choices and I compare five styles of ammunition to show you what to look for in your range ammunition. Give it a look and if you ever have questions about your targets, email or call us. We would be happy to help you out.

If you currently have ammunition that is over our 3,000 FPS requirement, put a few rounds on target and inspect for damage. If no damage exists, continue enjoying your target. If some minor damage is seen, increase distance and check again. Please note that we do not recommend steel core ammo at ANY distance as it will prematurely wear out your target plate.